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Meet Helen & Elaine

the Bot Queens who will show you how to Drive Free Traffic, Increase Engagement & Maximize Sales in your Business with Social Media...

Did You Know…
There are 70 Million Facebook Users using Messenger every day!

Did You Know…
72% of Facebook Messenger users purchase products online!

Did You Know…
Facebook Messenger has an astonishing 98% open rate!

Did You Know…
the Click Through rate on Facebook Messenger is 30-40!

I bet you’re asking this one question…

Why aren’t ALL Businesses using Facebook Messenger?

Well some Businesses are already using Facebook Messenger and are having huge success with it.  Take Clarins for example…

Clarins used a Facebook Messenger ChatBot together with a Facebook Ad to launch its “Double Serum” product.


increase in Double Serum offline sales


of visitors downloaded a sampling coupon after engaging with the ChatBot on Messenger


rise in sample redemption rate at their counters


increase in new customers through the ChatBot on Messenger

Examples Of How You Can Use ChatBots In You Business To Save You Time & Money…

  • Customer Support and FAQ
  • Book Online Facebook Parties
  • Leaders Training
  • Schedule A Meeting
  • Product Suggestions
  • Ordering Products
  • News Updates
  • Send Money/Make Payment


We cannot thank you Elaine and Helen enough for the help you have given us with Bots on our website Super Saving Mums - which is launching on 15th November.  With the help of The Bot Queens we've reached almost 100 subscribers in just over 24 hours I can't believe we've not done this before now ! We can really see the potential Messenger Marketing has and we'll be using it much more in the near future. X x x x

Nikki and Emma

Super Saving Mums,

The Bot Queens have been an absolute blessing for me. They have raised my visibility and increased my following for my coaching page. Outsourcing makes my life easier and I’m always 100% happy with the work they do. Email marketing is great but they ensure a better open rate when reaching out to people. Thanks ladies x x x

Dannii Maley

Dream Legend Leaders

Ready To Make A Start!

We can show you how your Facebook page will be more interactive, and you’ll be responding to messages quickly, even when you are busy spending time with family. 

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